Delaina Parrish delivers a professional yet refreshingly intimate message of the positive societal and economic benefits of disability inclusion in all “walks” of life.  A remarkable Gen Z’er with cerebral palsy and dysarthria (a speaking disorder), Ms. Parrish utilizes the latest in “eye gaze” augmentative communication to bring listeners into a world where disability is owned as an identity. Where tenacity demands change.  Where education builds bridges rather than barriers.

Topics Covered

As a Spring 2020 Business School graduate from a Top 8 Public University amidst the pandemic, she is fully prepared to deliver a memorable virtual or future live talk on a variety of relevant topics. Each audience, whether a corporation, a non-profit, an educational entity, or the individual, will be treated to a remarkable journey of  determination and hope, just when the world needs it most. 


The $3 trillion fashion industry and adaptive design


Modeling on the runway in NYC for an international brand


Universal Design and its essential role


Equal vs. equitable opportunities within higher education


Transitioning to higher education


Assistive augmented communication technology


Inspiring journey of courage and faith through major obstacles

Businesses need us, schools need us, society needs us. Most of all, we need each other!

Upcoming Keynotes

“Delaina was the keynote speaker at the Florida Occupational Therapy Association 2018 Annual Conference. She held the attention of the entire audience from the moment she appeared on stage. Delaina has a great sense of self as well as a sense of humor. She is strong and is able to use her voice to speak up for those who cannot. Delaina spoke to our group about accomplishing dreams, overcoming barriers, and being fearless. She was funny, inspiring, and engaging. As occupational therapy practitioners, we often work alongside our clients without truly knowing what their future holds. Delaina was able to remind us to never stop supporting our clients in whatever path they choose, because accomplishments are theirs for the taking. Thank you Delaina for a tremendous keynote!” 

Tia Hughes

DrOT, MBA, OTR/L, FOTA 2018 Local Conference Convener

It’s rare that you come across a young person like Delaina Parrish!  Delaina was my student at the University of Florida and she now frequently presents in my course, Exceptional People: School and Society.  In her own unique and uplifting way, Delaina shares about her life, her accomplishments, and her challenges.  My students frequently name Delaina’s presentation as the single most influential portion of the course!  It is impossible to hear her speak and not reflect on your own preconceived ideas of disability. I am in awe of Delaina’s accomplishments and her genuine desire to advocate for and improve the lives of others with disabilities.”

Alice Emery

Professor, The University of Florida

What an incredible opportunity for our Rehab Team at Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare to hear firsthand from Delaina Parrish.  Delaina’s presentation on adaptive clothing options for individuals living with disability was a perfect topic for our Occupational, Speech & Physical therapists.  Our team was greatly inspired by Delaina’s designs and creative ideas on how adaptive clothing can help so many of our patients. Delaina’s Fearless Independence label is not only her brand, but perfectly describes her personality.  Beyond inspirational!!”

Sheree Porter

Director of Therapy Services , Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare

“Delaina’s delivery addressed all aspects that families must now consider when selecting post-secondary outcomes for their child. Delaina is not only confident and professional, but she is gracious, warm, and open to discussing her story to help others with self-advocacy and self-determinat ion. She is a role model and trail blazer for individuals interested in pursuing a meaningful and fulfilling future.”


Terry Matson

Transitional Resource Teacher, Brevard County, FL

“Delaina Parrish is a remarkable woman. I have known her since she was a little girl and even then her determination to make a difference in her generation was evident. She is making that difference now, inspiring both fully-able and differently-abled to use everything God has given them to be a force for good in the world, solving real human problems in profound ways. A little while ago, Delaina spent some time in Tallahassee, addressing the Deer Lake United Methodist Church. For our church, she was able to call us all to cherish the gifts God has given us and use them passionately.

As I said, Delaina is a remarkable woman. I encourage you to get to know her story and know her. She will inspire you and challenge you to look at yourself and others differently.”

Rev. Jim Govatos

Lead Pastor, Deer Lake United Methodist Church

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