One of the main initiatives of Fearless Independence is educating and inspiring various communities about the limitless possibilities for those with unique abilities, on both sides of the handshake!

Businesses need us, schools need us, society needs us. Most of all, we need each other!

Delaina Parrish is a much sought-after speaker and influencer offering a refreshingly honest perspective on how Cerebral Palsy has and has not defined her.

A runway model in New York…a successful small business owner… a high achieving student-leader at a top tier university, national podcaster, innovator, and traveler…She takes her technology and GOES!

Often when asked, attendees have described her as a “trailblazer,” “humorous storyteller,” and “dreamer and innovator.” With dysarthria (speech disorder) from CP, Delaina expertly utilizes an augmented communication device called Tobii Dynavox Eye Tracker for professional presentations. This high tech device allows her to type with her eyes by gazing at the keyboard on the screen. Then, the device converts the typed content into spoken word. At first, some people are caught off guard by the computerized voice but then become fascinated with the story and its compelling voice! Freedom to express oneself is a hallmark of those with disabilities.

Delaina life’s experiences have equipped her with a wide scope of knowledge relating to inclusion. Some of the topics she has covered are :

~The $3 trillion fashion industry and adaptive design

~Modeling on the runway in NYC for an international brand

~Universal Design and its essential role

~Equal vs equitable opportunities within higher education

~Transitioning to higher education  

 ~Assistive augmented communication technology

 ~Inspiring journey of courage and faith through major obstacles

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