As I laze here wrapped in ever-stretching blue skies, infused with wistful breezes playing the music of nature, I find myself pondering my New Year’s goals for 2022… Can I provide a little inspiration for you as well? 

The need to reach our maximum productivity is intertwined with whatever drives us out of bed each morning. That need differs with you and me. But the question I ask myself is; what kind of productivity am I chasing? Answering that can trigger a higher potential for success with more defined goals. Hard work and evolving disciplines like we committed to in 2020 yielded a bounty of boxes checked in 2021.  Doesn’t unrelenting work, long hours and laser focus equate to productivity? Not completely.

Would you say a day without an agenda, lying in a hammock, listening to the breeze is productive? I can’t say I accomplished anything one day recently, but that’s my point… I chose to stare at the sky with a mind left to wander in random pointless thoughts. When you’re an entrepreneur, it’s common to turn your passions and hobbies into work, which kinda blurs the line. 

Productivity is contingent on the state of our mental health. In fact, it’s probably the most important element that drives the measurement of our output.  American culture approvingly trades in our mindful wellness for immediate results, immediate success, immediate notoriety, and then ponders over our pain. For me at least, short term satisfaction of accomplishing one task doesn’t come easy before I’m on to the next. So that’s why in 2022 I’m forcing myself to ask; What kind of productivity am I chasing today? Relentless work may be the mantra of entrepreneurship, but it’s also paramount to find that moment when we can say…”It’s ok to take a self-care break.”  

Regardless of what you’re doing, make sure you “find time to waste time” by doing what you enjoy simply because you enjoy it!  I intend to explore some old hobbies like photography and discover new ones that may include “Fearless” adventures (I already started boxing). What about you – will you find time to waste time this year? Let me know!

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