In recent months, the global community has undergone a tipping point that demands change for the world that we call “home.”  But has it brought a loss of vision? Have the moments of hope and positivity been smothered in hate and pain? Have our intentions been so distorted that we can no longer see the light?  Today, on the 4th of July, I ask you; “Could blindness be what we truly need right now?Blind from race, blind from religious intolerance, blind from gender labels, blind from political divisiveness, blind from hatred of those unlike us?  Our unique backgrounds bring “legacy” ideals of what our world should be — some that divide us, some that unite us. Yet as Americans, our legacies remind us that we are all under the umbrella of so-called “mankind,”  from all corners of the world!  Merriam-Webster defines mankind as; “… the human race or the totality of human beings.”  I like that!

I believe history is here to remind us what our ancestors did right – and wrong –  and how we can do better today walking in our own shoes rather than walking in their footsteps. Taking our own journeys, embracing each experience, all while celebrating each others’.  As we celebrate the 4th of July, I want to remind you to put on your blindfold. Lose the vision of hate, look for the light, and reach out for balance with one another. Only then we might like what we see! 

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