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Blinded on the 4th of July

Today, on the 4th of July, I ask you; “Could blindness be what we truly need right now?” Blind from race, blind from religious intolerance, blind from gender labels, blind from political divisiveness, blind from hatred of those unlike us? Our unique backgrounds bring “legacy” ideals of what our world should be — some that divide us, some that unite us.

Power to Speak “You!”

AAC has moved many mountains in my short lifetime and I’m forever grateful for the innovations Tobii Dynavox has made. We are in the midst of a pivotal shift in our world, and we MUST be allowed to use our voices and our minds to make a difference. Today, communication is more than just one-on-one or even group interactions — it is the central purpose of most connections through social media. It is about having the independence to explore and share your own experiences, thoughts, and feelings with the world via the Internet and life enriching apps.

Orange and Blue in the Rear View

My journey as an undergraduate came to the underwhelming zoom! zoom! zoom! fueled COVID-19 finish line a month ago, after the fears of the world came crashing upon us, the Class of 2020. I’m finally ready for the both of us to gaze into the rearview mirror, to reflect upon the energy, the drive, the strategy for winning the trophy and graduating from college.

Moving In, Moving Out, Moving On, Moving Up

We made life happen there, with advocacy, and successes and hopes and dreams, and challenges met head-on that most students would never face. Home is home, and it’s always hard to say good-bye, especially since there was no one left to say good-bye to. But we will meet again, and remember Cypress Hall. And yes, I turned out the lights…

The Race to be Heard

Independence comes in many forms, but is often taken for granted in America -- from freedom of speech to freedom to speak; from women's rights to disability rights; from equal access to medical care to equal access to higher education, it all matters.   This...

The World is Our Playground and We Want to See It

Traveling in general takes weeks of planning, but it could take months if you are traveling with a disability. I and many others notice there’s an enormous gap of access and resources to help guide us when taking a trip, whether it’s just going across town on public...

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